Evangeine Jeggare

Beautiful Aasimar spell singer


Fiery, almost metallic red hair; bright emerald green eyes; creamy, shimmering, iridescent white skin; small red feathered wings on her head; two larger feathered wings at her shoulders and two smaller sets just below…

This Aaasimar young lady is absolutely stunning. Her musical voice seems to sing even as she’s asking for a loaf of bead. All eyes are on her when she walks through a door or steps into a room.

The young boy (no more than two or three) at her side, obviously her son, seems to be plane touched as well. His skin is red, as are the feathered wings on his back. The feathers are tipped with a creamy white, matching his hair. His long, lean legs end in hooves. His teeth are fanged, and he has two short horns. He is just as beautiful and striking as his mother,


Evangeine Jeggare

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