Barbarians in Cheliax:
Important Skills: Knowledge: Nature; Perception

A few barbarians make their way to Cheliax.

On occasion, an exiled Shoanti or a few lone survivors from a massacred tribe settle in Cheliax. At other times, a barbarian might be an exotic slave recently released from his duties and made a free man or woman. Such individuals tend to be haunted by some past tragedy, sullen loners who seek out dangerous work and decadent distractions.

Half-orc barbarians who could not find a place in their home tribes also appear in Cheliax.

Grunt work—as bodyguards, enforcers, gladiators, thugs—is available for barbarians who wish to find jobs in Westcrown or other major cities.

Employers are reluctant to trust barbarians with important guard work, though, due to their frenzied and chaotic fighting style; in a lawful country like Cheliax, barbarians make most people nervous.



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