Character Building

Character Points

For this campaign we will be using the 4d6 method of ability score generation. Roll 4d6, drop the lowest, and the add the total of the rest.

I highly recommend the Brock Jones dice roller for your stat line generation.

You may roll as many times as you wish, but each time you loose all previous rolls except for the most recent. I.E, if you choose to roll 4 times, only the third and fourth lines may be chosen from. If you roll again, only the fourth and fifth, and so on.


Due to the nature of the campaign and the area in which it is taking place, race options are limited mostly to those found in the core book, with one exception. The races listed here are the only ones which will be allowed, no exceptions.

Clicking the links will take you to more in-depth descriptions of the races as they appear in the Council of Thieves Players Guide, as well as the bonuses and features they give to your character.

The allowed races are as follows:

By far the most common race in Cheliax and the rest of Golarion (though oddly the least commonly played in any of my campaigns)

Typically emissaries, merchants, or adventurers with no birth ties to Cheliax.

Intensely distrustful of humans, particularly Nobles, insular and often living in the poorer districts.

Drawn to Cheliax either for the spirit of adventure as a non-bleachling, or to flirt with diabolists as an advanced bleachling.

The most popular “house slaves” in all of Cheliax, most all noble families own at least a few. With the high turnover and deathrate among the nobility, these slaves often find themselves freed when their owners die or “disappear in the night”.

Facing far less ostracisim in Cheliax then elsewhere, many half-elves venture here for a sense of acceptance. Too bad the less obvious looking Tieflings often pass themselves off as such…

Surprisingly the most accepted of the other races, and the third most common race in Westcrown (next to Humans and Halflings). Most commonly taken as Thugs and Brutes so their work tends to run towards these types of jobs.

Viewed as less than human, a slave often has more rights than Tiefling. At best, they are a shame to their family and hidden away in the noble houses never seeing the light of day, or reluctantly allowed some governorship if their are no other heirs. At worst, they are tossed into the slums to eek out an existence.


All 11 standard classes are allowed in this campaign. It is highly suggested that you work together to form a balanced party with one character from each of the four class types.

Clicking the links will take you to a short descrption of the class as it appears in the Council of Thieves players guide, and a link to its d20pfsrd page for further reference.

















Along with the usual classes, features, feats and skills that are standard for character creation, the implementation of traits is being applied to this campaign. A full list of traits is available at the d20pfsrd.

You may select any traits you wish, though there are a few limitations:

  • You MUST select one trait from among the Council of Thieves Campaign traits.
  • You may only select a single trait from any one trait type. (ie, you cannot take two Campaign traits or Faith traits.)
  • IF you wish to have more than the two standard traits you may choose to spend a feat for two additional traits, or take a Drawback for a single additional trait. (Note: You must still qualify for any traits you wish to select and you may still only have one of any single trait type.)
  • You MAY take both a Drawback and the Feat for a total of 5 traits, but this might put you at a slight disadvantage.
  • You may only have one Drawback.

Other Information

  • I will approve Class Archetypes, 3rd Party Feats and Spells, and other such items on a case by case basis. If you can link me to it on the PFSRD, and it doesn’t seem over the top, I will likely consider it.
  • I will NOT approve base classes, advanced classes, or any other races other than those listed previously.
  • All characters will start with Max Starting Hit Points for their Die Type and Con Mod.
  • All characters start with max Gold for their class
  • All characters have one starting outfit (Explorers, Cold Weather, etc) up to 8 gold
  • All characters are assumed to have a coin purse
  • All characters have a free, poor quality dagger (will break on a critical success or failure)
  • All players are expected to have their characters up on the Wiki before the start of game, and to update it each time they level. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the campaign.

One further important note:
This adventure path is role play heavy. Yes there will be opportunities for fighting, etc but in essence this about intrigue and overthrowing a government…. Role play is important.

I expect all of my players to have detailed characters, fully fleshed out. Your character is not just stats on a sheet, it is a person. They have likes, dislikes, a personality. Goals, dreams and aspirations. You have friends, allies, enemies and adversaries. I don’t expect you to write a novel for a backstory, but I do expect you to have one.

For example, flesh out the reasons for your traits and racial traits/abilities. Especially if you chose to swap any of the standard options for more advanced. As an example, if your human has Adoptive Parentage: Elf instead of Bonus Feat, explain his adoptive family. How old was he when and where did they find him? Or, perhaps your Gnome is here in Cheliax because she only barely survived the bleaching…

Character Building

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