From the Players Guide:
Gnomes with a flair for summoning magic sometimes gravitate to Cheliax in the hopes of learning ways to summon and bind powerful devils. Gnome wizards sometimes garner sponsorship from noble houses, but later may find it difficult to extricate themselves from such agreements. Most prefer to hire out their services on a case-by-case basis and use their fee to finance expeditions into abandoned estates that might hold ancient texts.

Gnomes in an advanced state of bleaching, in search for the most extravagant experiences available, might come to Cheliax to flirt with the danger of diabolists and treachery. Such work is easy to come by, but hard to forget. Those that do so come away revitalized, but their experiences color them in some way, with soot-black hair, flame-tinted eyes, or extra-long nails.

More information on Gnomes can be found on the PFSRD. As always, swap racial features as you wish to customize your character.


All characters in this game will require a backstory, but some races need more of one than others. This is such an example. Questions that will need to be addressed in your backstory:

  • Why did you come to Cheliax? Or were you born here?
  • What is keeping you here?
  • Are you a spellcaster? If so, are you tied to a Noble House in some way?
  • Have you dabbled in Diablorly? If so, has it left you with any marks? What are they?


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