Half-Elves in Cheliax:
Westcrown has something of a reputation in Cheliax as being a place where society’s leftovers live, and as a result, half-elves often find themselves drawn to the city.

Most arrive from other lands and settle in Westcrown for personal reasons, but enjoy the fact that little is made of their mixed heritage—tieflings take the brunt of the racism normally reserved for half-elves here. In fact, Tieflings with minor fiendish features sometimes attempt to pass themselves off as half-elves.

Unfortunately for both races, this tactic is well known and often leads to innate mistrust of half-elves. Half-elves may even be required to prove they are what they appear to be before entering certain areas.

Half-Elves are found in greater detail on the PFSRD. Feel free to customize your character as you see fit, following the rules for swapping racial features.


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