Half-Orcs in Cheliax:
Half-orcs can live a comfortable existence in a city like Westcrown. The presence of tieflings and diabolists makes half-orcs seem less of a threat, even pedestrian.

The countless political games in progress often require hired muscle, and noble estates are always hiring more guards.

Some half-orcs take offense at being taken for mere thugs, but many find security in such jobs. Some half-orcs find it so comfortable in the cosmopolitan streets of Westcrown or Egorian that they make permanent homes there.

Others plan to stay in Cheliax only as long as it remains profitable and then move on to grander adventures elsewhere.

More information on Half-Orcs can be found on the PFSRD. As always, feel free to customize your character as you see fit, following standard rules for swapping racial features.


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