From the Players Guide:
Decadent noble houses require many servants to keep the estate running. Halflings in Cheliax—as elsewhere—are favored as slaves due to their stamina and their amenable natures. Even better, at half the size they take up half the room when it comes to providing housing.

Over the years, many halfling slaves have found themselves abandoned
when their employers died or fled the country, and halflings in Westcrown and other large cities are often descended from these freed slaves.

Halflings are ubiquitous in Chelish cities, and some make good use of their ability to go unnoticed. A Halfling servant may secretly act as a spy for another house or for
a guild, secret organization, or even an adventuring party.

Halflings are part of many different city affairs, from housekeeping in noble estates to scribing in courthouses, and when information is needed, one usually finds a halfling in the know.

More information about Halflings can be found on the PFSRD. Feel free to customize as you see fit, following standard rules for swapping racial features.


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