From the Players Guide:
The vast majority of the citizens of Cheliax are humans, and the vast majority of those humans are Nobles. There are 250 families officially recognized as Noble by the Chelaxian government, currently ruled by Queen Abrogail the II. The rest of the families at least pretend to be noble, as lineage and good standing are the unofficial currency of the realm.

Roughly 75% of the human population of Cheliax are native Chelaxians, with the Azlanti and Taldan filling out most of the rest of the populous. Many of the ethnic Chelaxians claim direct lineage to ancient Azlanti, though it is impossible to prove this lineage. Taldan women are the trend setters in Cheliax and Taldan men are the bane of many nobles as they have a tendency to dally with attractive young noble woman.


  • Languages: Common
  • Appearance: Descendants of Azlanti refugees whose blood mixed with Ulfen raider-merchants, they tend to have dark hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. Red hair is seen as an indication of strong ties to Diabolic influence. Facial features are sharp – narrow jaws; strong noses; thin, arched eyebrows
  • Favored Religions: Asmodaeus, Diabolism, Abadar, Zon-Kuthon, Erastil, Iomedae
  • Name Suggestions: Think of Roman or Judaeo-Catholic names
  • Common Family Names: Alazario, Albus, Ambusta, Arionne, Arvanxi, Baradin, Charthagnion, Crispin, Dioso, Drovenge, Fullona, Galonnica, Grulios, Henderthane, Jeggare, Jentis, Julistarc, Khollarix, Krupt, Leroung, Mezinas, Napaciza, Narikopolous, Oberigo, Phandros, Ratarion, Rosala, Rugatonn, Salisfer, Sarini, Tauranor, Thrune, Tilernos, Voralius, Wardroxan, Wintrish


  • Languages: Azlanti, Common
  • Appearance: Regal and beautiful with handsome features and an aloof demeanor. Skin tone ranges from olive to pale white, and their dark hair ranges from deep brown or dark red to black. They often have a slightly receded hairline, resulting in a widow’s peak. Though functionally extinct, a deep purple eye color is seen as absolute proof of strong Azlanti heritage.
  • Favored Religions: Any, if Chelish born, refer to Chelish list
  • Names: Heavy on vowels, and names often start with a vowel; no family names
  • Common Female Names: Aliandara, Aswaithe, Emalliandra, Iaome, Ommarra, Ulionestria
  • Common Male Names: Akorrian, Arioch, Erodel, Illsmus, Ixiolandar, Ostarian, Othello, Urestre


  • Languages: Common
  • Appearance: Generally have long, flowing dark hair and naturally bronze skin (due to Kellishite heritage). Eyes tend to be small but expressive, and color is most often green or grey, with occasional (and exotic) amber.
  • Favored Religion: Abadar, Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Norgorber, Sarenrae, Sheyln, Torag
  • Names: Look to Greek and other Mediterranean areas for inspiration

Human Racial Traits:

A full comprehensive list of options can be found in either the Advanced Race Guide or on the d20pfsrd

Feel free to swap any of the racial traits for the alternate racial traits at your discretion.


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