Paladins in Cheliax:
Important Skills: Diplomacy; Knowledge: Nobility; Knowledge: Religion; Sense Motive; Spellcraft

Paladins face many of the same challenges clerics do in Cheliax. Worshipers of Asmodeus openly walk the streets, protected by the sadistic but nonetheless legitimate House of Thrune.

A paladin in Cheliax, particularly a major city such as Westcrown or Egorian, must take care to rein in her righteous impulses and work with the existing law rather than attempting to barge through it. A well intentioned strike against evil could result in brutal government-sanctioned retaliation, and an imprisoned paladin combats evil far less effectively than a free one.

Yet for all the corruption of the country’s rulers, there are many more evils to face within the country, and a paladin might work great deeds in the eyes of Cheliax’s people by combating subtler and potentially even more destructive evils.

Paladins of Abadar, Iomedae, and Shelyn most often find their way to Cheliax, their devotion to order typically being well satisfied within the rigid society even as they crusade to make the land a better place for its people.



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