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…And the Last Azlanti shall return to the Mortal Plane, to the land of the Red and the White, at the end of the Enthronement. And all of Golarion shall prosper and flourish, as the roses bloom and spread across the world….

Alas, this was not to be. Cheliax has fallen, bereft of their beloved leader, Aroden the land descended into civil war. Now, corruption and evil lead the country in worship of Devils, and Thrice-Damned House Thrune stands victorious. The roses are no longer white…


Ruling with an Iron Fist and controlling with fear, her citizens no longer live but merely survive.

And yet, a glimmer of hope sparks anew. Whispers of a Rebellion are making their way through the country. Could it be that Cheliax is on the brink of a new age? Could this be the return of the Red and White?

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If you couldn’t already tell, this is the home of a Pathfinder Adventure Path © campaign titled The Council of Thieves

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While I have and will continue to put extensive time into this wiki, please do not hesitate to add to it as you see fit. This is a collaborative effort, after all.

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Council of Thieves

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